About Jesus

About Jesus

The best thing is that Jesus loves unconditionally –

who else would do that?


We think Jesus changes lives. Faith in him brings new life, peace in troubled times, and hope for the future.

The Bible tells the story of Jesus  – how he came to earth and grew up to die on a cross, to pay the ultimate price for our rejection of God. Jesus rose to eternal life and offers a fresh start to anyone who trusts in him. That includes all of us living here on the beautiful Central Coast today!

When I became a Christian, what changed for me was a sense of complete assurance and forgiveness.


We follow Jesus by trusting him and living life his way, based on what the Bible teaches us. Our church beliefs are based on a reformed evangelical approach, which means we think Jesus is good news and the Bible can be trusted to show us the life God designed for us. You can read more about what the Presbyterian Church teaches here.

If you’d like to find out how Jesus can change your life, come along to one of our events or a Sunday service – we’d love to help you get to know him!