About Us

About Us

Gosford Presbyterian Church

Gosford Presbyterian Church was officially formed 111 years ago, back in 1913. Ever since, our community has been faithfully proclaiming the gospel of Jesus here on the Central Coast.

Gosford Presbyterian Church Central Coast Church Gosford

Today we’re continuing that vital work, focusing on growing a Central Coast church community where knowing Jesus and loving people changes lives for the glory of God.

As we do this, we’re building on the work of those who came before. And, we’re  looking to the future as we foster new opportunities for people to grow, serve and get to know Jesus.

We run a number of regular community programs, like English Conversation classes for those looking to improve their English skills, to Playgroup for young families and Youth Group for teenagers.

For church members and visitors, there’s Sunday Services, Kids Church, a monthly Traditional Service, mid-week Growth Groups and regular Prayer Meetings.

For people curious about faith in Jesus, we run a course called Hope Explored. It’s for anyone wanting to find real meaning, purpose and true hope in life.

Plus there are regular community events to enjoy. Keep an eye on our Events page to see what’s coming up!

We also support a number of link missionaries, who are working around Australia and the world to promote Jesus in their communities.

What We Believe

As a Presbyterian church, we are Reformed and evangelical in how we understand and apply the Bible’s teachings. We think only Jesus can offer us the best that life has to offer. Read more about why we believe this here.

How We’re Organised

Presbyterian churches are organised around a local congregation governed by Elders. We also have staff members and volunteer Ministry Team leaders who carry responsibility for church activities.

We’re a community that we all contribute to, in ways large and small. There’s plenty of opportunities to join in.  Church members can learn new skills, build friendships, and make a valuable contribution to the life of our community by volunteering on a Ministry Team.

The local church is accountable to a Presbytery (a group of Presbyterian church leaders in the region), who in turn are accountable to the General Assemblies of Presbyterian church representatives in NSW and Australia.

You’re Invited!

We invite you to try a church service this Sunday. Or, explore our community programs and events. We’d love to welcome you to Gosford Presbyterian Church!