Breaking The Silence Training
  • 14 Young Street, West Gosford

  • Gosford Presbyterian Church

Breaking The Silence Training

Gosford PC abides by the Abuse Prevention policy of The Presbyterian Church of Australia in NSW (the Breaking the Silence (BTS) Policy). In implementing this policy, Gosford PC requires everybody in a position of authority in the church (including ministers, elders, pastoral care workers), all volunteers who work in any of our pastoral ministries, and those who lead services, lead public prayer and/or serve in our music teams to undertake BTS training on an annual basis.

There are two levels of BTS training: a 3.5 hour Foundations course which is to be
completed every 3 years, and a 1 hour Top Up training which is to be completed each of the 2 years between doing the “Foundations” course.

This year, the “Foundations” course will be held at GPC on Feb 18, commencing at 1.30pm and concluding about 5.00pm.

If you are unable to make this course, BTS Training will also be offered at Toukley Presbyterian Church on Sunday 24th March, from 1.30 – 5.00pm. The Top Up training course will be advertised later this year.

If you have not completed the BTS training previously and are wishing to join a service team at Gosford PC in 2024, or if you are currently serving in any of the above ways and last completed the Foundations course in 2021 or earlier, you need to complete the course this year.

NB. If you have done the BTS training previously at our church, you’ll receive an email to let you know which training you need to do this year.

Whilst the preferred way of completing the Foundation course is by attendance at a
group training session, if you are unable to attend the above sessions, it is possible to complete the Foundation training online. If you wish to complete the online training (which also takes about 3.5 hours and includes a compulsory quiz at the completion) please contact our office.